Interior Home Design

Nadia creates a profile for each of her clients based on personality, using ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, in order to design a unique environment. Nadia’s designs are always unique, never generic. “You ARE Where You Live”


“Nadia is our designer of choice” says Jenny; “When Adam and I asked her to design a nursery for our baby, she did much more than that, running the whole project from start to finish and created a fairy tale world for our baby.  Our gorgeous nursery is a testament to her creativity, work ethic, and attention to detail; we are thrilled!” (Jenny S. – November 2019)

Staging Design


“Nadia’s spectacular staging was the reason that my client’s property was sold after sitting on the market for a while!” 

(Rudi F. Daniel – Gale Agency – 2019)

Feng Shui Design

Feng Shui is an ancient philosophy on the art of living in harmony with our environment.  Nadia creates a space for her clients that supports their personality, balance, and sense of harmony.  

Commercial Design

Designing public spaces requires a different approach; the structures require a unique blend of purpose, function, safety, accessibility, security. This holds true, whether Nadia designs an office building or lobby, a house of worship, an upscale spa, or an apartment building.


“Nadia’s staging increased our yearly rent roll by $30,000!” (MKF – Brooklyn)

Project  Management


Nothing but impeccability will satisfy Nadia.  Once she begins a project, you can rest assured that no detail will be left to chance.  From the moment she interviews you to the very last day when your home is now a pure reflection of your vision.

Seminars & Workshops


“There should be more seminars like this about staging – very useful and well thought out.  The instructor was on the target, engaging and warm, and ull of personal experiences and knowledge” (Myla B. – Daniel Gale Real Estate)”