Shawn Elliott Luxury Homes and GNR Designs

Shawn Elliott Luxury Homes and GNR Designs

 “I designed the room especially for Florence Guggenheim, who had a simple childhood in Pennsylvania and became one of the wealthiest woman in the world,” Nadia says.

nadia-awardFlorence Guggenheim was a philanthropist with a passion for flowers, tropical plants, and birds, all of which were woven into the pattern of a silk and wool rug, complimented by several large plants.
“Every item in the room has a history,” Nadia says. The designer, a Feng Shui master, based her design on Mrs. Guggenheim’s character.

The gilded harp in the center of the room alludes to the free concerts in Central Park sponsored by the Guggenheims in the 1920s, a period when the harp was a very popular musical instrument.

A sensual lace canopy drapes down from a crown on the wall behind Florence’s bed, which is covered with a gold bedspread. Flanking the window on the opposite wall are a pair of opulent, marble-topped, hand-carved, powerfully- gilded wood consoles, with framed gold leaf mirrors.
Set into an alcove framed by lace curtains are a sofa and two armchairs with small tables, a comfy nook for tea, not far from the ornate fireplace.

Although spacious, the master bedroom has a skirted vanity table but no closet. According to Nadia, a servant would have brought the lady-of-the-house her clothes from closets downstairs.
In designing Florence Guggenheim’s honey yellow master bedroom, Nadia Vee of GNR Designs in Great Neck tried to “bring out her feminine playful side” in a room blending neoclassical style, bold gilded furniture and gothic architecture.

GNR Designs – Winner of the design show “Sands point Castle”. – featured in SHAWN ELLIOT LUXURY.

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