Guggenheim Showhouse

Guggenheim Showhouse

Design Show-house – Nov 2014

GNR DESIGNS, proud to announce that we are a part of this beautiful event.

Sands Point Preserve’s annual Design Show-house at Hempstead House highlights the exquisite lifestyle of the Guggenheim, with house tours, fashion shows, daily performances, presentations and more, from Nov. 1-30, 10 a.m-4 p.m. (closed Tuesdays and Thanksgiving).

This year’s theme, Home of An American Renaissance Family, pays homage to the Guggenheim family’s extraordinary accomplishments in business, the arts, and philanthropy. Top designers have transformed the rooms inside the 1912 Tudor-style mansion into modern-day interpretations of the Guggenheim’s elegant Gold Coast lifestyle of the 1920s and 1930s.

The Guggenheim Estate on the Sands Point Preserve embodies the opulent lifestyle that defined Long Island’s legendary Gold Coast era. Daniel and Florence Guggenheim lived and entertained in the magnificent Hempstead House – a Tudor-style mansion built in 1912, designed by Hunt & Hunt. This stately waterfront residence was the popular gathering spot for the Guggenheim family and the powerful elite of the time, renowned for its society parties as well as performances and exhibitions by world-class artists.

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