Guggenheim Master Bedroom – Design Challenge

Guggenheim Master Bedroom – Design Challenge

Florence Guggenheim Master Bedroom

How often will you have a chance to design a bedroom for Florence Guggenheim?

Inspired by the magnificent architecture and moved by the energy of the space, I wanted to create a bedroom that reflects the character of one of the most fascinating women in history. Florence Shloss Guggenheim was born on September 3, 1863 in Philadelphia, to a simple Jewish family, married Daniel Guggenheim at the age of 20, and as a member of the Guggenheim family, became one of the richest women of the world.

In her younger years she loved horses and was fond of horseback riding and golf. She was a woman of many talents and extraordinary generosity. Her interests included art, especially music, which later became the focus of her philanthropic work. She enjoyed a busy social life; she and husband Daniel Guggenheim were best known for sponsoring the free outdoor concert in Central Park, Colombia and New York Universities. Thanks to them one hundred years later we are still enjoying that wonderful tradition.

Florence Guggenheim played an active role in Jewish affairs. She was treasurer for the Women’s National Republican Club, and when she died at age eighty, she was eulogized in newspapers across the country for her generous support of many causes and her active political and financial contributions. Florence had a wonderful feminine touch. Her space is filled with luxurious furnishings.

Her Feng Shui element is earth, which is why you I have selected a yellow shade for the walls. Her room is a creative blend of neoclassical style and powerful gilded furniture, gothic architecture softened by lacy fabric. The rich texture of tapestry makes strong a statement in the big room and the harp left no doubts about her musical preferences.


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