About Us

Nadia Vee is the owner and founder of GNR Design LTD. a New York-based firm known for having designed spectacular interiors. Her projects range in scale and complexity, from small apartments to large homes, to religious institutions, to hospitality venues and spas, to sizable estates

Nadia received multiple design awards, including one for her work on the Guggenheim Estate, commissioned by the Guggenheim Preserve. Her work has been featured in many publications. She works on international projects in the US, Germany, Mexico, Russia, and Ukraine. One of her latest projects is the complete design of a new upscale spa in New York whose grand opening was in May 2016.

Her creative staging of properties for sale is in high demand by real estate agents, as it substantially increases their chances of closing the sale.

Nadia conducts master classes and workshops attended by aspiring designers and clients throughout the New York area. She is a lecturer at the prestigious Metropolitan Institute of Design.

  • Unique Designs
  • Integration of Feng Shui Concepts
  • A to Z: Complete Project Management and Supervision – Concept –> Design –> Implementation
  • Perfectionism: Attention to Details
  • Relaxed and Pleasant to Work with
  • Upscale Clientele

Nadia Vee

Principal Designer

GNR Designs

Lecturer at the Metropolitan Institute of Design

+1 (516) 707-7202